I created a poster that implies that the Sacramento River in Northern California is a crucial source of water for the San Joaquin Delta and its vast ecosystem.   This poster was designed using the blue and green background to give the impression of water and greenery, and to provide the subliminal message that the water flow from the Sacramento River will keep the San Joaquin Delta’s ecosystem healthy and provide beauty for people to enjoy.

The overall design of the poster focuses on blue and green, the colors of water and plants, and imagery of animals that depend on fresh water.  The text is representative of the ideas that the water from the Sacramento River is important for birds, animals and farmers, and  that the Delta is worth saving.

I decided to make this poster to impress upon and appeal to the senses of people that enjoy recreation, like relaxing in nature, fishing, and all around enjoyment of natural settings.  The poster is intended to draw viewers into the beautiful photos of animals in their aquatic habitat, implying that people will be able to experience relaxation and tranquility in a restored Delta.  Additionally, I made the point of representing the Delta with an agricultural image, which is used to give people a sympathetic opinion of farmers in the Delta.

The use of the red letters allows for the three action items of the poster to stand out.  The use of the red color gives the sense that these points are important, to pay attention, or else something bad may happen. The red is designed to stand out against the pleasing and tranquil blue and green background.

The words “Provide Water” is an indirect reference to the new tunnels that are expected to be built to provide a secondary conveyance of water for California’s cities and farms.  The implied message is that providing another reliable source of water is a logical idea, yet other issues are at play as well, which leads into the next statement in red text, “Restore Habitat.”

Using the words “Restore Habitat” is there to show that bigger issues at play in the building of the tunnels, such as what will happen if the San Joaquin Delta’s water flow is interrupted.  The use of these words doesn’t absolutely imply that a plan is in place to restore the habitat, but that it is an idea worth fighting for.

Finally, the words “Conserve the Sacramento River” creates the impression that the river is in danger.  The message implies a fear that if people don’t take action there will be consequences with our water supply.

However, if the observer acts by calling Governor Jerry Brown, the beauty of the Delta marshlands and watershed will be saved for future generations to enjoy.  I decided to add the link to the Restore The Delta organization that is advocating for the state of California to ensure sufficient and clean water flow into the San Joaquin Delta in order to maintain good water quality for wildlife, farmers, and recreation.  The main issue that poster indirectly states is that the Sacramento River is endanger of being drained of too much water by the two new diversion tunnels, and that the Delta would suffer as a result.  Since eighty percent of the San Joaquin Delta’s water comes from the Sacramento River, this issue is important to consider, and that is why I created this poster.


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